How do I harness the Power of Apps?

Sarah Smith
24 min readJul 18, 2022
Illustration: A woman has an app in her hand and summons a car ride, then as she walks to the roadside; she sees the car checks & matches the app.
Ride share apps utilise maps and location, calendar integration and more. Credit:

There’s some really great apps in the App Store and Google play store!

I talk to folks in business who look at today’s rideshare & online shopping apps and say: Can I get an app like that for my business?

Well, yes, of course! Anything that can be done, can be done — for a price.

I’ve seen custom photo-editing apps where you get pro-quality results right on your phone. What about fitness trackers that just seem to know exactly what you need?

What about rideshare! I heard they use GPS, calendar integration and even artificial intelligence? Oh, that’d be really great for my customers!

“Really great” just costs a bit more. But …how much more?

So there’s some “really great” app features that are the icing on the cake. Nice, but you can live without them.

But some “power app” features might be core to an app that you want built (like say Bluetooth), but are not the usual thing that comes for free with iOS or Android apps, out of the box.

Apps seem really powerful, but is it possible for my business to have a really awesome app? I love fancy animations, music, and something that works with my playlists. Is that going to cost a lot of money?

Basic apps are cheap but by the time you add a lot of things that don’t come for free, the bill quickly adds up.

Basic apps are cheap, especially if outsourced, but by the time you add a lot of things you probably didn’t realise don’t come for free, like Bluetooth, photo library or calendar integration, the bill quickly adds up.

The answer to all these “Can you…” and “How much…” questions are all “Yes” and “It depends”.

Out-of-the-box apps fetch data from the web, store some local configuration such as passwords or preferences; and then display up-to-date information relevant to you. Beyond that some extra work is required, and extra code must be either written or imported from 3rd party projects (which brings its own problems).

Sometimes its a lot more because very basic apps are cheap, but a lot of things we are used to seeing in apps that are in the…

Sarah Smith

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